Fueling the Fire of Success | Sundie Seefried

A decade spent helping establish two orphanages in South Africa taught Sundie Seefried, CEO of Partner Colorado Credit Union, how important acceptance is to establishing communication, building relationships and achieving success . Despite her conservative upbringing, she chose to accept the legitimacy of the cannabis.

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A PIONEERING LEADER | Sheila Kloefkorn

KEO Marketing needs no introduction. The award-winning B2B marketing agency has gained a prominent spot in the industry because they develop marketing strategies that significantly increase leads and sales. They help technology, construction, human resources, and financial services companies fill their sales pipelines with .

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Transforming Women Inside Out | Sarah Brooks & Susi Lennox

Transforming Women Inside Out: Sarah Brooks & Susi Lennox, Co-CEOs of The YES YES Company Ltd have had an unwavering commitment to each other and to the business. Having been warned that a business partnership could prove more intense and demanding than a marriage, the duo knew their investment in building trust .

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A Reinventing & Innovating Leader | Nancy Lazkani

Nancy Lazkani, Founder & CEO of Icon Media Direct has an incredible drive to succeed and equally a drive to do what’s right. This combination creates someone who will aggressively push clients, partners and employees alike to grow, and does so with the utmost integrity. This identity creates a relationship and bond that is.

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Reframing the Global Fashion Landscape | Kimberly Carney

Today there is a real urgency to reconnect the designer and the consumer. Designers have no access to real-time data on what is resonating with the consumer. For consumers, there is no direct channel to interact with the designers to influence their shopping decisions. With a tech background and having owned.

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Unique Leader in O&G Arena | Kathy Pang

Kathy Pang, CEO of PangTong Wellhead USA Inc has a keen eye for business opportunities. Kathy possesses the ultimate “can do” attitude while taking on new challenges with positive energy and a smile. She is generous with advice, encouragement and drives to employees and clients alike. Being.

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Innovator of Powerful Solutions | Joanna Swash

The chances are most people have spoken to a Moneypenny PA without even realizing it, as the company manages more than 20 million calls, chats, text messages, and emails for more than 21,000 clients annually. The company was founded in the year 2000 by brother and sister Ed Reeves and Rachel Clacher and has grown rapidly

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Surgical Solutions Reformulating Health Care | Alyssa Rapp

Throughout her career, Alyssa Rapp has not been afraid to ask, “Now what?” From training as a competitive gymnast to running companies, Alyssa has always been used to working hard and looking ahead. Alyssa fell in love with her first entrepreneurial idea while studying at Stanford Business School, and, for the better part of the next

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A Leader in the Global Food Industry | Patricia Smith

Having close to three decades of experience in the dairy and ingredient supplier industry, Patricia Smith, an ardent yoga practitioner thinks major challenges are not hindrances. But, rather a way to engage in executing plans for success for which being grounded, patient & focus is utmost.

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Creating an Optimal Rental Experience | Elizabeth Loge

For Elizabeth Loge, CEO at CBS Rentals, a leader is always defined by their team, who support him/her and takes the company towards new heights. “I have been blessed with opportunities and the diligence to succeed when leading. This has allowed me to be placed in a position where I can lead a company into a new.

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A CEO Who Puts People First | Dawn Taylor

Dawn Taylor has worked in the HR consulting world most of her career which included HR consulting and talent acquisition. “The companies that I worked for only cared about their bottom line,” she says. “I wanted to create a company where the product, people felt nurtured and empowered I wanted to create a company that a person felt more equipped for employment and life than when they entered our doors.”

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