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Suzanne Hazelton Headshots

Generating ideas that get funded | Suzanne Hazelton

From frustrated tired and stressed female business owner -> idea -> business funding -> a global user base and a sense of making a difference. Here’s how I turned a frustration into an idea that attracted government funding – and now makes a difference globally.

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Sara Sabin

Women in Leadership | Sara Sabin

Some years ago, I was having a conversation with an ex-colleague. She works within the leadership team of the Finance Department of a public sector company. I posed the question, “do you consider yourself to be a leader?”

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Kelly Meerbott

A Calling to Raise Corporate Consciousness | Kelly Meerbott

Kelly Meerbott represents the new age in leadership, one that is no longer dominated by theories, models, and the aging white men who developed them. Kelly stands for a style of leadership that is authentic and governed by the heart and soul, one that is reliant on traits such as empathy, compassion, and love for humanity.

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Jen Murtagh Women Coach

How Doing Less Taught Me to Value Myself More | Jen Murtagh

Someone wise once said to me, “Jen, don’t wait for a life changing moment to change your life,” a sentiment which remained with me for many years before I had the strength and self-awareness to do anything about it. For far too long, I was stuck in a perpetual cycle of exhaustion with no clear path out.

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Ilse Noppen Women Coach

Women & Leadership Magazine | Ilse Noppen

Why having that Hyper-Achievers’ drive doesn’t lead to happiness

Are you familiar with that hungry monster that keeps wanting to be fed achievements?

You go from one success to the other thinking ‘you’ll be happy when….’ And as soon as you’ve reached that next goal, you’re on the lookout for the next one.

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Samreen McGregor Leadership Coach

What’s in a story? | Samreen McGregor

A vivid childhood memory is a conversation with my mother. I was 10 years old. “Don’t ever depend on anyone Samreen. Make your own money to support your family and you will secure yourself freedom and choice in life.” Born in 1938, my mother was one of 9 siblings in a Venezuelan Catholic family raised in the Andes.

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Timi Gleason Women Coach

The Only Girl in the Room | Timi Gleason

The first time I experienced being the only girl in the room, I was in high school and 17 years old. I thought I wanted to be an Engineer in a radio station, so I requested to enroll in an Electronics 101 class. I had to be screened by the male teacher and recommended by my female career counselor to get in. It was 1967, and I was growing up in San Francisco.

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