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20 most inspiring women leaders September 2022

Liberation & Freedom | Sylvia Winter

It’s always risky to pigeonhole extremely creative people—they’ve got more than one trick up their sleeve. In the case of Founder and Creative Director Sylvia Winter, those tricks also happen to include pilot, a podcaster with thousands of listeners, landscape designer, artist, runner, skier, mother, and more.

20 most inspiring women leaders September 2022

Transforming Central Texas with Care | Phyllis Snodgrass

Phyllis Snodgrass strongly believes in leading by example and showing people love and support. According to the CEO of Austin Habitat, everyone in the organization has a unique and special role to play. Still, it is easy for people who are not client-facing to lose sight of how their work fits into the bigger picture.

20 most inspiring women leaders September 2022

Leading with Courage & Determination | Natasha Bond

Natasha Bond does not believe in being afraid. She has been hailed as a fearless leader because she holds her ground in a technical, male-dominated STEM field. Her mantra is simple, “Don’t be afraid people won’t respect you for being female; assume they will treat you like a capable, confident part of the team and behave accordingly.

20 most inspiring women leaders September 2022

A Visionary & Fearless Leader | Lauren Eagan

Lauren Eagan, CEO of Eagan Immigration, is a visionary leader, and fearlessness has been a massive element in the work she does with her team. What separates her from a run-of-the-mill CEO is her compassion for her clients’ experiences, as well as a commitment to her team’s mental and emotional health.