Nvidia stock increases after a little beat driven by Artificial Intelligence chips

February 24, 2023: Nvidia stock increased over 8% in extended trading Wednesday after the company reported higher revenue and net income for its financial fourth quarter than Wall Street anticipated despite a year-over-year decrease in both categories. Here is how the chipmaker did versus Refinitiv consensus expectations for the quarter that ended in January:

Nvidia stated that the 57 cents in net income per share. Nvidia forecasted $6.5 billion in sales in its first quarter, more than the $6.33 billion expected by Wall Street.

Although revenue and profits were down from the previous year’s $1.32 per share and $7.64 billion in sales, Nvidia has surged, seen by investors as one of the chip stocks positioned to make an economic slowdown that hurts P.C.P.C. and semiconductor sales.

Nvidia’s data centre firms, which include chips for A.I.A.I., continued to grow, suggesting that it could continue to benefit from artificial intelligence software such as ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing’s A.I.A.I. chatbot. Nvidia’s graphics processors are suited to train and run machine learning software.

Before Wednesday’s earnings report, the stock was up about 45% in 2023.

Nvidia C.E.O. Jensen Huang said on a call with analysts that A.I. is at an “inflexion point,” pushing firms of all sizes to buy Nvidia chips to increase machine learning software.

“Generative A.I.’sA.I.’s versatility and capability are triggering a sense of urgency at enterprises worldwide to develop and deploy A.I.A.I. strategies,” Huang said.

Data centre revenue increased 11% annually to $3.62 billion. The company stated that U.S.U.S. cloud service providers bought more products. Most of Nvidia’s revenue from GPUs for A.I. decrease into the firm’s data centre category.

Gaming revenue was down, as anticipated, as sales were highly elevated in the previous few years. The Covid pandemic has boosted gamers to upgrade their systems with the current graphics cards from companies like Nvidia, but sales have slowed in the past year.

Specifically, Nvidia stated almost $1.83 billion in fourth-quarter gaming revenue, a 46% drop from the prior year. The firm said the decline was because it sold fewer chips to partners. After all, they currently have too much stock.

Nvidia also said it shipped fewer chips for game consoles in the quarter, which is reported in the gaming category. Nintendo uses an Nvidia chip to start the Switch.

Different categories, like professional visualization and automotive chips, remain much less than the firm’s gaming and data centre businesses. Nvidia’s professional visualization firms for designers reported $226 million in earnings, down 65% annually, and automotive earnings were $294 million, up 135% from the previous year.

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Nvidia stock increases after a little beat driven by Artificial Intelligence chips
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Nvidia stock increases after a little beat driven by Artificial Intelligence chips
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