Lionel Messi's arrival is anticipated to increase the club's earnings over the following 12 months

July 20, 2023: All-time soccer grand Lionel Messi’s arrival is anticipated to increase the club’s earnings over the following 12 months, its managing owner Jorge Mas told. The Argentina national and retired Barcelona star entered Inter Miami on Monday.

Mas also said his team’s valuation could reach between $1.3 billion and $1.5 billion following year. Forbes’ most recent estimate pegged Miami as MLS’ 11th most valuable team, worth $600 million.

“When we got into the project of Inter Miami, we did it wanting to be the premier venue for football in the United States,” Mas said.

He said bringing Messi to Miami started in 2019 when he and co-owner David Beckham flew to Barcelona to meet with Messi’s father.

“When does an athlete truly have the option to change the sport? I think that’s the opportunity that Messi has ahead of himself,” Mas said.

Mas said he already sees a tremendous “Messi effect” in all aspects, commercially and in South Florida.

“It’s the only thing anyone talks concerning,” he added.

Messi jerseys are sold out, and Adidas is printing them around the clock, Mas said.

Sports e-commerce platform Fanatics told that Messi could record the most jerseys sold for a participant joining a new team in any sport after 24 hours. Messi’s deals are on pace with the current first-day jersey sales record set by Cristiano Ronaldo immediately following his move to Manchester United in 2021.

Messi’s Friday U.S. debut ticket costs average nearly $1,300 on secondary ticket platforms such as TicketIQ.

Mas said he hoped the buzz would help the MLS grow to compete with top-notch European leagues.

“I think that it’s incumbent upon myself and my partners in Major League Soccer and fellow owners to capture the moment that we have ahead of us to hopefully elevate Major League Soccer regarding the following three to five years to compete with the Premier League,” Mas said.

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