Apple is making major changes to the iPad Pro in 2024

August 29, 2023: Apple is planning some significant changes for its iPad Pro in 2024, including a new Magic Keyboard, a shift to the M3 chip, and brighter and sharper displays, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Changes to Apple’s iPad lineups have been subtle in recent years, including better cameras and sensors. However, according to the report, the iPad Pro’s overhaul would be the first significant update the company has made since 2018.

The report said that the revamped iPad Pro will likely boost iPad sales, which have slowed to their lowest level since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020. IPad revenue fell 20% year over year during its fiscal third quarter.

Apple’s new updates may inspire some consumers to splurge on an upgrade. Apple’s iPad Pros are its most expensive tablets.

The new iPad Pro will support a new Magic Keyboard, an accessory Apple first introduced in 2020. According to the report, the keyboard will feature a larger trackpad, making the tablet feel similar to a laptop. The updated tablet will also be the company’s first with an M3 chip and OLED display, a fixture of Apple’s iPhones since 2017.

The iPad Pro will come in an 11-inch size and a 13-inch size, which is just slightly larger than the 12.9-inch model that Apple has previously offered.

The new iPad Pro will not be announced at Apple’s upcoming launch event in September, but it will debut in the spring or summer of next year, according to the report.

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