Young women entrepreneurs can gear up with these 3 crucial tips

For businesswomen, the top can be lonely. In the past, the proportion of women in boardrooms was embarrassingly low, and fair employment by companies in all sectors was undesired. But change is coming slowly. We will see a new record for female Fortune 500 CEOs, with 74 topping the US Top 500 by revenue as of March this year. That’s only about 15% of women, up from about 8% in 2021 and up for the fourth year in a row. Women have an amazing ability to make a difference in business, and when the boardroom lineup begins to change, it presents a great opportunity to inspire other women to do the same.

Acquire a “growth spirit”:

Having a growth mindset in business is very important because nothing gets done when you stand still. As CEO, the work is never finished. We constantly think about how we can improve, evolve, and adapt our approach, our products, and our business as a whole. In today’s market conditions and times of rapid change, it is essential to remain agile and ready to act. No company is perfect. Will what we do today help us achieve our goals tomorrow? When in doubt, look for alternative perspectives and listen to your customers and employees. Understanding your company’s strengths and areas for improvement is critical to moving your business forward.

Be your true self:

The importance of integrity as a leader cannot be underestimated. That means making every part of yourself work. For example, I am a mother and have two teenage daughters, and this role is central to my identity. This is reflected in my role as a leader. I hope so too. By putting our hearts and souls into our work, we can share our experiences with our team and build deeper connections and understanding as we grow together. Authenticity helps people identify with you and know who you are. This type of partnership is key to credibility as a leader and can mean the difference between talent being retained or lost amid trends like mass resignations and the turmoil companies continue to face post-pandemic. There is a possibility, but when it comes to life lessons, this is the number one – never give up. It’s easy to give in to outside pressure and question yourself, whether it’s the market or the critics, but it’s important to stay strong, belief in yourself, and never lose sight of your vision.

Have Mentors:

“80% of CEOs said they received some form of mentoring.” Mentors strive to provide you with valuable advice to help you advance in your career. Think of your mentor as a “professional partner.” That is someone who advises you in difficult times and shares experience and wisdom so that you can benefit.

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Young women entrepreneurs can gear up with these 3 crucial tips
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Young women entrepreneurs can gear up with these 3 crucial tips
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