The sellers of Amazon utilize ChatGPT to write product listings in a sprawling marketplace

March 29, 2023: Chad Rubin is looking for a way to spice up his Amazon list for a vacuum hose. He struggled to develop a catchy title that would make shoppers want to click on his stocking instead of the countless differences in Amazon’s vast marketplace.

For assistance, Rubin is turning to ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot that has changed since its launch last year. Rubin asked ChatGPT to “generate five insanely clever and catchy headlines” for an infographic which promotes his vacuum cleaner hose. He soon began experimenting with the tool, which completes tasks such as generating copy on his product page.

“Dirt destroying airflow,” he said, reading off one of ChatGPT’s responses. “I would have never thought of that for a vacuum hose in a million years.”

As ChatGPT is rapidly finding its way into use by lawyers, clinicians, professors and their students, it’s witnessing its utility in the business world, especially for Amazon sellers seeking the tiniest competitive advantage as they try to bolster sales. Third-party merchants who embrace ChatGPT say it can make selling on Amazon’s marketplace easier.

YouTube videos that are streamed, articles and LinkedIn posts came in recent months touting the benefits of ChatGPT for Amazon sellers. E-commerce software providers like JungleScout have also jumped on the trend, which integrates ChatGPT into their services.

“This is one of those gadgets that is going to change everything we do in our lives fundamentally,” said JungleScout technology chief Stephen Curial, who spent a decade at Amazon in software development. “It’s that powerful.”

Curial said it would be soon that generative A.I. tools like ChatGPT become ordinary productivity helps, similar to calculators or spellcheck, which helps busy businesspeople minimize daily grunt work.

ChatGPT has taken the technology business by storm since it was introduced to the public by OpenAI in November, a Microsoft-backed startup reportedly discussing with investors to sell shares at a $29 billion valuation.

Millions of users use the free chatbot to write fiction, generate computer code, and edit the C.V.s. Microsoft has incorporated technology such as its Bing search engine, while Google introduces rival chatbot Bard in the previous month.

Investors are pouring into the market with a huge check even as the broader tech startup market suffers from the 2022 downturn. Last week, a 22-person pre-earnings startup known as Character.AI, which two former Google employees founded, raised $150 million at an almost $1 billion valuation in a round by Andreessen Horowitz.

Hamza Amor, a seller for Amazon and founder of the e-commerce consulting firm Fussy Penguins, has posted on TikTok videos presenting how ChatGPT can help retailers discover their following impact product.

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The sellers of Amazon utilize ChatGPT to write product listings in a sprawling marketplace
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The sellers of Amazon utilize ChatGPT to write product listings in a sprawling marketplace
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