The Scope of Women Entrepreneurship in Contemporary Society: An Overview

One of the major factors which prompt a woman to take up Business over a regular job is her intense desire to carve an identity for herself. A commercial enterprise of her own makes a woman independent, and subsequently, she gets an opportunity to live her life on her own terms. The opinionated Corporate Society perpetually lays barriers on women based on their gender and background, thereby dismissing their scholarship as downrightly ‘feminine’ and therefore incompetent. Single women who lead their business empire alone face myriad problems in terms of economy. At the same time, most married entrepreneurs receive financial aid from their spouses. Ingenious women are capable of building gigantic business empires with lower capital.

Women have always been adept in cooking and home furnishing. Hence, many female entrepreneurs have transmuted these hobbies into successful careers. With the arrival of new technology, businesswomen expanded and circulated their businesses through online sites. Besides being profitable, online startups allow women to embark upon commerce alongside their day-to-day chores. The Cosmetic Industry is yet another field that provides immense scope for women entrepreneurs to succeed. Since women are the targeted consumers of Cosmetic manufacturers, the producers being women, can escalate the gains of this commerce to another level. Female Entrepreneurs will be able to anticipate the necessities of the customers and the demands of the market. This can transmute into enormous profits.

Women, who hitherto toiled at the kitchens of their respective homes, were driven to the workplace with the outbreak of The Second World War. Gradually, women began gaining education and, subsequently, embarked upon trade and commerce. Until recently, only a handful of women dauntlessly took up Business. Nowadays, with the shift in social outlook and mentality, women have begun competing with their male counterparts in every realm, and Business is not an exception. Women taking up entrepreneurship are not only changing their lives; instead, they are altering the entire status quo by questioning the hitherto accepted social, political, and cultural norms and values.

Though there are many problems involved in female entrepreneurship, this field is growing at a high pace. The government and other organizations have tried to analyze the predicaments of female entrepreneurs and provide incentives for them to excel in their trade. The aspiring entrepreneurs have also been given special training and financial support as part of this venture. Thus, Female Entrepreneurship is becoming one of the distinguished businesses which contribute immensely to a nation’s economy.

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Modern-day Women CEOs of today
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