Mercedes to cast a shorter performance of its SUV

September 6, 2023: On Sunday, Mercedes intends to establish a more rapid performance of its high-end G Class marks utility car, the German carmaker’s CEO told in an interview.

The G Class, a rugged off-road car that begins at just under $140,000, is popular with buyers in the U.S. It has been around for over four decades. Mercedes has reinvented the model with more technology and even teased a concept E.V. of the car.

Now Ola Kallenius, CEO of Mercedes, designated a “little G” is on the horizon, a smaller version of the G Class.

“So, kind of the daughter or son of the big G is also going to come to G fans around the world in a few years from now,” Kallenius said.

The CEO said a negative “later date” exists for establishing this model.

“If you’re waiting for something suitable, it will be worth the wait,” he said.

A smaller version of the G Class could open the model to a different group of buyers and potentially at another price point in the luxury SUV segment against competitors, including the Range Rover and Bentley Bentayga.

The G Class is understood for living challenging to get your hands on, with Mercedes controlling the supply of the luxury off-road car. Kallenius said the tight assembly is likely to continue.

“The G Class is an icon; it is difficult to get one. If you get one, you feel like it’s almost like your birthday, and we willpower be cautious about control volume with the G Class,” he said.

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