Jeremy Friedman Named HireVue CEO for Growth Phase

In a strategic maneuver signaling a transition in executive leadership, HireVue, a trailblazer and global frontrunner in the realm of Human Potential Intelligence, formally disclosed the appointment of Jeremy Friedman as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) today. This notable development follows the departure of Anthony Reynolds, who has elected to step down from his position as CEO.

Anthony Reynolds, credited with steering HireVue through significant milestones, including the pivotal acquisition of Modern Hire and initiating the Human Potential Intelligence initiative, will perpetuate his association with the company in an advisory capacity.

Before his ascendancy at HireVue, Jeremy Friedman was the co-founder and CEO of Schoology, a prominent education technology firm eventually acquired by PowerSchool. Over a decade, Friedman adeptly helmed Schoology, achieving transformative milestones by crafting a learning management system catering to a vast user base exceeding 20 million and counting. His leadership was particularly distinguished during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring seamless continuity in educational delivery.

According to Harrison Chilton, a distinguished member of HireVue’s board of directors, Friedman’s appointment is a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen and steadfast commitment to leveraging technology for enhanced outcomes. Chilton emphasized Friedman’s visionary approach and execution expertise in fostering growth and innovation within a technology-driven, customer-centric environment, qualities deemed indispensable for propelling HireVue into its next developmental phase.

Friedman’s experience at the intersection of educational technology and hiring technology assumes critical significance, highlighting the shared objective of maximizing potential and uncovering latent opportunities. This resonance positions Friedman as a pivotal figure within HireVue, uniquely qualified to navigate the operational landscape’s nuanced challenges, growth trajectories, and impactful scales.

Jeremy Friedman expressed his enthusiasm for the new role: “Joining a team and company that aligns so closely with my personal mission to improve outcomes through innovative technology was an easy decision.” Friedman underscored HireVue’s broader mission, emphasizing the amalgamation of science-guided technology to level the playing field, empowering every individual with an opportunity to showcase their potential. As HireVue charts its trajectory into the next growth phase, Friedman expressed eagerness to embrace the manifold opportunities this transition presents for candidates, customers, and partners.

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