HotelREZ, Sabre Renew Decade-Long Tech Partnership

In a move solidifying their established collaboration, HotelREZ, a leading provider of hotel representation services, and Sabre Hospitality, a prominent software and technology solutions company for the global travel industry, have formally renewed their decade-long technology partnership. This renewal signifies a continued commitment from both entities to leverage their combined strengths and enhance the hospitality experience for independent hoteliers.

The renewed agreement ensures HotelREZ’s extensive network of over 2,500 client hotels will retain access to Sabre Hospitality’s comprehensive suite of hospitality products. These solutions encompass the Sabre Global Distribution System (GDS), a vital platform connecting hotels with travel agents worldwide. Additionally, HotelREZ’s clients will benefit from continued access to Sabre’s SynXis Booking Engine, which streamlines the online booking process for guests, and SynXis Channel Connect, facilitating distribution across various channels.

This renewed partnership empowers HotelREZ to provide its clients with a robust technological foundation to optimize distribution, reservations, and guest experiences. The Sabre GDS grants hoteliers increased visibility to a vast network of travel agents, while the SynXis Booking Engine allows for a user-friendly and conversion-oriented online booking experience. Furthermore, SynXis Channel Connect ensures efficient distribution across various online travel agencies and booking platforms, maximizing a hotel’s reach and potential bookings.

Both HotelREZ and Sabre Hospitality expressed optimism regarding the renewed partnership. Highlighting the importance of distribution in the hospitality industry, Sabre emphasized its commitment to providing industry-leading solutions that empower hoteliers to thrive. HotelREZ, in turn, underscored the value of Sabre’s technology in enhancing its comprehensive suite of hospitality solutions for independent properties.

The continuation of this long-standing partnership signifies a positive development for independent hoteliers. Combining HotelREZ’s expertise in hotel representation with Sabre Hospitality’s advanced technological solutions, independent properties gain a competitive edge in the global travel market. This renewed agreement positions both companies to navigate the ever-evolving hospitality landscape and cater to the evolving needs of hoteliers and travelers.

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