DeSantis would consider national prohibition of TikTok if elected

August 17, 2023: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he would likely ban TikTok if given the chance as a Chinese company holds the social media app.

“I think it means a danger to our nation given China’s request of it,” DeSantis stated in an argument that aired on “In the previous Call,” when he asked if he would refuse the social media service.

DeSantis, who follows Donald Trump in the ethnicity to become the 2024 Republican presidential candidate, was particularly critical of U.S. policy toward China in the discussion.

He expressed the U.S. may require to look to regulatory and tax procedures that favor home matters and incentivize them to focus on the household economy.

“There’s a cause why goods holds been outsourced to China because it can be done cheaper, and individuals can earn more money,” DeSantis said. “We’re in a predicament here.”

TikTok has been a political hot-button topic in Washington since the Trump administration, which attempted to ban the app but never followed through with activity.

Additionally, Congress presented recent bills earlier this year that would allow the Biden authority to prohibit TikTok.

DeSantis referred to the invoices as “too heavy-handed,” claiming they would “swarm public’ solitude,” but he said he would still probably support a ban.

“The United States has stood the No. 1 source of Chinese wealth, and what have they done with that wealth? They’ve built up their military,” DeSantis said. They are the top danger to this country.

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