Coping with Stress and Anxiety

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are the new norms these days, as indicated by the increase in mental health book sales. As an entrepreneur, you may become addicted to the grind and hustle if you, like many others, juggle family, wellness, and personal life. They accept difficulty as an unavoidable part of modern life, and they may be unaware of how it affects their mental and physical health.

We see an ocean full of busy individuals who are competitive and live in a competitive society if we glance around. We believe that hustle should equal happiness and that in order to feel productive and fulfilled, we need to be active or in the middle of something. However, we fail to understand if what we are doing is truly connecting ourselves with our hearts and minds, or if there is a need to be busier than usual, without giving thought to consider taking a moment to relax and release the pressures that stiffen us.

When we seek self-help, we search outside of us – we look for self-help books therapists, vent our sentiments on social media and tell the world what we are going through, all in the hopes of receiving recognition, support, and affirmation. We are reliant on others, which is okay, but we have lost touch with ourselves — our minds, our hearts, and our breath.

While some days could be better than others, expressing gratitude and fighting perfectionism are two mental strategies that can help reduce anxiety during work. Recognize the people and things around you that you are fortunate to have, from simple things like good office space to things like working with a fantastic team.

When it comes to perfectionism, accept that mistakes will happen and use them as opportunities to learn. Concentrate on the things you have control over, such as your temperament, how much you perform, and how you treat others. Offer a real compliment or simply listen without looking at your phone the next time you walk into a meeting or open the door for someone.

As an add-on to your stress-relieving regime, “box breathing” is a stress-reduction technique that works effectively. Inhale for four counts, exhale for four counts, pause for four counts at the bottom of the exhale, and repeat. Everyone from kids to adults encourages this deep breathing technique because it has been found to be a great stress reliever and beneficial for enhancing concentration.

It’s time we stop, breathe, and look inward in this agitated culture where time accelerates. We need to have a stronger connection with our hearts and replace our obsession with struggle with feelings of joy and gratitude. A stronger sense of connection to ourselves can eventually take us to a heightened sense of aliveness. Because, after all, it’s the inhale and exhale, our own breaths, that keep us alive.

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Coping with Stress and Anxiety
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Coping with Stress and Anxiety
Anxiety and stress are the new norms these days, as indicated by the increase in mental health book sales. As an entrepreneur, you may...
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