China's overlooks timetable to choose Facial Recognition as Tech Sparks Privacy Backlash

August 9, 2023: According to draft rules from the Cyberspace Administration released on Tuesday, China’s overlooks timetable to Choose Facial Recognition as Tech Sparks Privacy Backlash.

The suggested approach needs separate consent and a specific purpose for using facial glory.

“If there are non-biometric defense technology for achieving a similar purpose or business needs, those non-biometric verification methods should be resolved,” the draft stated in Chinese, translated.

However, individual consent isn’t needed for certain administrative situations, which the draft accomplished not specify. If facial recognition is used, the proposed regulations promote the use of national systems.

Image collection and personal label equipment should be established in general places to maintain public safety, the draft rules said, noting clear signage is directed.

The planned approach comes as companies have reportedly helped Chinese authorities to use facial recognition and artificial intelligence to target the Uighur Muslim minority in the country.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that modern tech products and big data are used to “improve social control” and dismissed the report as “purely slander.”

Surveillance techniques are also deploying facial glory in other nations.

In the U.S., a facial award system prevented a woman from entering Radio City Music Hall the previous year because its operator, Madison Square Garden Entertainment, stated that she was a lawyer for a firm concerned with litigation against the company.

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