Chevy Traverse accumulates rather off-road trim over tech on the 2024 model

July 18, 2023: On Monday, General Motors revealed a created version of its popular Chevrolet Traverse crossover with a more truck-like appearance that the group hopes will attract new buyers.

The 2024 Chevy Traverse’s exterior is more sculptured than the smoother outgoing representative. It also adds an off-road-inspired Z71 model to the lineup. It features a recent engine, redesigned interior, a standard 17.7-inch-diagonal color touch screen, and additional safety and comfort features, such as the automaker’s Super Cruise hands-free highway driving assistance system.

The Traverse is historically one of GM’s bestselling vehicles, typically topping over 100,000 units annually. Through the first half of this year, the more significant crossover observed only the automaker’s full-size pickups, Chevy Malibu sedan, and smaller Chevrolet Equinox crossover in sales.

“Our new Traverse is developed and engineered to act and look more like an SUV,” said Chevrolet Vice President Scott Bell in a release. “Led by the all-new Z71, the 2024 Traverse builds on the success of its predecessor and will certainly help us to be in more customer driveways.”

All models will be powered by a new 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces an estimated 315 horsepower and 317 foot-pounds of torque. The present engine is a 3.6-liter V6 with 310 horsepower and 266 foot-pounds of torque.

GM’s Super Cruise hands-free highway steering assistance system uses cameras, sensors, and mapping data to control a vehicle’s acceleration, braking, and driving on pre-mapped highways. It also monitors the driver’s attentiveness.

The redesigned Traverse is positioned amid the Chevy Blazer crossover and the larger, more capable, and expensive Chevy Tahoe SUV. According to GM, it will be in dealer showrooms in early 2024.

GM did not release pricing for the vehicle, which was revealed at its Lansing Delta Township plant in mid-Michigan, where the crossover is produced. The Traverse’s current starting cost is around $34,500 to over $55,000.

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