Apple is holding its most crucial takeoff event at its headquarters in California, where it's anticipated to unveil the iPhone 15

September 13, 2023: On Tuesday, Apple is holding its most crucial take off event of the year at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, where it’s anticipated to unveil new hardware, which include the iPhone 15.

Apple will present a prerecorded video featuring company executives to launch the products, which resolve be streamed on YouTube and Apple’s website. Last year’s event lasted about an hour and a half. Apple has used prerecorded videos for its product showcases since 2020.

Apple’s launches are essential for the company to build hype for the products and set the stage for a trade blitz heading into its most significant sales period in the December quarter. Thirty-one million people have watched Apple’s YouTube video from last year’s launch, revealing that customers still like to get data directly from the company.

This year, the tech giant hopes the new iPhones can bust a sales slump, fend off renewed round from Huawei, and persuade owners of Android phones to switch.

Apple also announced its new VR headset, the Vision Pro, in June ahead of a planned launch in 2024. The company could provide an update on its efforts to attract designers, but more details about that product will likely not be released until next year.

Apple’s Macs and iPads are doubtful to see new reveals on Tuesday, given the company usually prefers to give them their events. Last year, Apple announced new iPads through a press release.

This year’s launch invitations hold the tagline “Wonderlust,” although the sayings don’t necessarily preview what the company is announcing.

Last year, at its September event, Apple announced new iPhones, Apple Watches, and updated AirPods. Here’s what to expect from this year’s edition:

Apple is anticipated to release four recent iPhone models, continuing the pattern since 2020. If Apple keeps its naming pattern, this year’s models will share the iPhone 15 brand.

Apple is likely to release two sizes of middle-range iPhones, one with a 6.1-inch screen and one with a 6.7-inch screen, and two sizes of higher-end “Pro” phones with titanium casing and better cameras, according to reports from Bloomberg News, TF International Securities hardware analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Wall Street analysts.

This year, the most significant change is expected to be a USB-C charging port, replacing Apple’s proprietary Lightning port, which was stated in 2012 as the iPhone charger “for the next decade.”

A USB-C charging port on iPhones will match the same charging port on Android phones, newer laptops, iPads, wireless headphones, and other gadgets.

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