Striving for Perfection | Yadira Nistal

Striving for Perfection | Yadira Nistal

Yadira Nistal

President and Founder

Yadira Nistal has been hailed as an innovator, and she has been assisting Executive Tags in gaining new heights by leading the company with passion, persistence, and motivation for excellent customer service. Yadira has been working towards enhancing customer service since day one and waking up in the morning; she feels the urge to be a better version of herself and provide a service that makes the customer feel how important they are to the business.

But all was not peachy for Yadira as she had to face some tough barriers that have molded her into the steadfast leader she is today. The automotive industry is a male model type of business, and for her, it’s always been a challenge as a woman to be heard and given that time and opportunity. But that did not stop her from working her way to the top. The most significant barrier she faced was to overcome gender biases. 

“I mean this is more of a male role business that this industry looks at. In terms of the highest titles of CFOs and CEOs, looking at a woman presenting this type of service has been challenging. You know a buddy is a buddy, a friend is a friend, a guy is a guy.”

Inspiring & Encouraging Women

A strong piece of advice that Yadira wants to pass on to the women entrepreneurs in the industry is “to not letting what your eyes see deprive you or make you feel less than a person you look up to in the industry or any type of business you aspire to want to do or build as a career for you.” She adds, “Don’t underestimate the power and energy that’s given to us as women. Also, not to forget the other women in the past behind us and what they have had all to do and accomplish to get to where they want to be, to be heard, and how they see themselves.”

According to Yadira, for women in business, it’s about thinking outside the box, getting with the times, learning that marketing is important, and developing social media messaging for the audience. Make sure one pays attention to all the smaller things they may think don’t matter, like Google My Business, Facebook reviews, and website questions. “It’s going out and exploring all the new avenues and being as involved as possible, whether you are an entry-level employee or a business leader.”

The steadfast leader has drawn inspiration from her mother because she encouraged her always to be independent as a woman. “My mom always told me to grow up to be an inspiring soul, meaning that wherever I went, I had to leave my essence. So be independent but always walk with your head held high knowing that no matter what happens in life, there are no mistakes, only experiences,” says Yadira. “To see other women succeed has always made me want to be like them. I also looked up to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who went through so many obstacles and juggled cancer, being a mother and a wife, and her career. Even after her death, you still know who RBG is, and I would like my kids to remember who I am and what I motivated other women and my own children to do.”

Growing as Leader & Company

The times where Yadira has had accounts that come and go because of her being new to technology as the world and industry evolves, are the most important motivations to make her want to do more. “I always knew that providing the best customer service in this industry is what would make me be where I’m at above all of that.”

Besides being a mother to her children, which has been the fuel that Yadira needs daily, she would say the obstacles she has faced over the years have been the key learning lesson that nothing is impossible. “The obstacles you face in life need to be the motivation for wanting to be better tomorrow. You want to be someone your children and grandchildren talk about and look up to.” Armed with such a unique ideology, Yadira has been leading the company towards newer ventures.

Executive Tag & Titles Services Inc is located in the heart of West Palm Beach, FL and was created in April of 2007 based on the belief that the customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Their entire team is committed to meeting those needs. With over 20 years of combined automotive dealership experience, the staff is dedicated to delivering prompt and friendly service to all of their clients. “As a result, a high percentage of our business is generated from customer referrals. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust by delivering you the best service in the industry.”

Assisting Dealers Diligently

Because of working in the industry and through all the dealerships departments, Yadira always had the urge to give a better version of herself and her qualifications. “I wanted to bring this tag and title agency to the top to show dealerships that when someone enjoys their career, they can provide a better performance and transaction. We are giving customers more knowledgeable and professional experiences while providing innovative solutions.”

Yadira adds, “we allow our customers to perform at a more professional level at the point of sale, bringing more income into the business. We make it easy for our dealers knowing they have a solution that provides a better professional service to their customers.”

Customers rely on Executive Tag and Titles Services Inc for prompt and efficient vehicle tag and title services. With 20 years of experience, their professional, friendly staff provides a wide variety of services. They realize how important it is to the dealers to have their “out of state” services processed and completed in a timely, professional manner. For this reason, the company strives to offer customers the best services to meet their needs.

“One of the biggest achievements I could honestly say is being able to get up to date with industry technology to provide the best service to our dealerships,” says Yadira. “We provide a one-of-a-kind, unique database based on calculations to the dealerships. It’s not a normal programming system, which there are a lot out there, as we made it unique to the industry. We’ve integrated with well-known public company CRM systems like CDK Global to give our customers cutting-edge solutions for vehicle transactions and DMV services.”

For the days to come, the company wants to have their DMV solutions at just one touch of the button—instead of needing to go to the DMV office—and is working towards an application that provides all the DMV solutions in one place. It is pertinent to mention that Executive Tag and Title Services are developing cutting-edge technology in addition to digital marketing strategies that connect them with the community. Forward-thinking women need to incorporate marketing into their day-to-day tasks, from press releases to customer acquisitions and LinkedIn connections.

Yadira Nistal Award

" We use innovation as the foundation of everything that we do! At TMI, we know that longevity is all about being able to become true partners with clients and being able to make an impact on their operations "

Yadira Nistal

President and Founder

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Striving for Perfection | Yadira Nistal
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Striving for Perfection | Yadira Nistal
Yadira Nistal has been hailed as an innovator, and she has been assisting Executive Tags in gaining new heights by leading the company with passion
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