Laya Jonaidi

Laya Jonaidi

Laya Jonaidi

Designation: Former Vice President 

Country: Iran

Age: 53

Laya Jonaidi (born in 1963) is an Iranian lawyer and politician who served as the vice president for legal affairs under President Hassan Rouhani’s administration.

At Harvard Law School, Joneidi worked on a Comparative Study of Commercial Arbitration in Islamic Law and Other Major Contemporary Legal Systems from 2002 to 2003.

 In several domestic and international arbitrations, Joneydi acted as President of the Tribunal, Co-Arbitrator, Sole Arbitrator, Independent Expert, or counsel to a party, both ad hoc and institutional.

Joneydi is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Tehran. She is the author of tens of articles and several reference books, including Applicable Law in International Commercial Arbitration, Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards & A Critical and Comparative Study on International Commercial Arbitration Act of Iran.

Joneydi has the first-degree license and is authorized to appear before all courts of Iran up to the highest level. She is also a member of the International Affairs Commission of Iranian Central Bar Association, Private Law Association, and Association for Women Studies. She has acted as Director-General of Legal Department of University of Tehran and Laws and Regulations Department of Iran Ministry of Sciences and Technology for six years.

Joneydi is fluent in Persian and English and has a working knowledge of French and Arabic.

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Laya Jonaidi
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Laya Jonaidi
Laya Jonaidi (born in 1963) is an Iranian lawyer and politician who served as the vice president for legal affairs.
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The Women Leaders
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