Dressing Precious Moments | Pallavi Chhibber

Dressing Precious Moments | Pallavi Chhibber

Pallavi Chhibber

Little Orhni

Born in the vibrant city of Delhi, India, Pallavi Chhibber was in awe of the beautiful colors and cultures she was surrounded with throughout her growing years. She was born with artistic creativity; from decorating houses during festivals to organizing theme parties for friends, she has been doing things in her unique creative ways.

A big part of Pallavi’s life was participating in the flamboyant Indian festivals and weddings, which are out-of-the-world experiences. What caught her attention were the brilliant ethnic dresses and how they were an integral part of each and every ceremony. Once married, Pallavi found it very difficult to find ethnic dresses for her daughter. Designers weren’t keen on being creative with children’s attire because of the complexity involved. Pallavi also found that what was available on the market contained itchy materials kids refused to wear.


“To me, having my daughter wear poor quality clothes that were almost exact replicas of adult wear- especially for her most important occasions, was completely unacceptable! I soon realized that ‘kids didn’t matter’; too many sizes and a low-price tag meant there was a lack of fresh ideas and no commitment from tailors and designers alike,” explains Pallavi. “I then took matters in my hands and started designing for my daughter using my mom’s old sarees; from there onwards, I moved on to kids of my families and then friends. Then came my F.B. page and my circle of Little Orhni family has grown since then. And that, quite simply, was how Little Orhni came to life.”

Pallavi is obsessed with delivering quality and value to her customers; this translated into a top-quality product shipped to the end-user every time. The rare flaws were dealt with immediately, and the client’s trust was sacrosanct. This resulted in negligible returns percentage and very high satisfaction scores.

Inspiring Women

Pallavi has created a network of female business owners in London where she furnishes them with ancillary work prospects from Little Orhni’s core business. Myriad female business owners get opportunities to learn about the latest fashion trends through Pallavi’s association.

Pallavi has been very conscious of the trust her clients bestow on her and the brand. They are part of the special affairs of the clients and can’t afford to let the clients down at times when they need Little Orhni the most. This has resulted in building operational practices and design processes where attention to detail is critical and even minor issues are dealt with complete sincerity. This passion for producing a finished product with rigorous quality checks is an important early lesson for Pallavi’s team members.

London has hugely influenced how Pallavi’s fashion values have evolved. Its unparalleled diversity has made Pallavi witness unbridled creativity and her understanding of global fashion is unique and inspiring for her teams.

Success & Leadership

Pallavi strongly acknowledges the phrase ‘success is a journey and not a goal; while a lot has been achieved, so much must be done. “I have seen my designing style evolve so much over the past years; this is because of how my life has transformed through large and small life events,” says the creative leader. “My work makes me interact with so many of my customers from around the globe, and that opens endless possibilities to learn and navigate (and make new designs), and therefore I feel as if I am just starting!”

For Little Orhni, it has been half a decade, and the apparel brand has built a strong presence in its targeted geography and segment. Because of its low barriers to entry, the apparel industry is one of the most competitive in the world; therefore, making a recognizable brand takes time. This is a significant achievement for Little Orhni and Pallavi, who, with her brilliant ideas, is taking the company to new heights. “I strongly advise everyone to constantly look for opportunities to improve your products & offerings. Also, remember that these improvement opportunities may not always come attractively packaged to grab your attention but could be minor details from various client interactions. These, if successfully incorporated in the offerings, will provide a strong foundation for your business during those initial years.”

Building A Brand

Little Orhni is a brand designing ethnic wear for children and family. For Pallavi, one of the most important points to remember is keeping up with trends. “Twinning (the idea of 2 or more people wearing the same outfit) has been a huge trend over the last 2-3 years. Little Orhni focuses on bespoke family wear and is positioning itself as a brand that promotes family values, traditions, and culture. Twinning as a family is a concept that blends seamlessly in our space, and we have seen a huge pickup in that area.”

Pallavi and her team are implementing brand enhancing strategies by:

  1. Influencer marketing which is focused on family-oriented influencers (the recent campaign with a celebrity chef in the U.K. has been hugely successful)
  2. Using prints and designs that focus on Twinning.
  3. Bespoke Packaging that complements the purchase and the bran

Her brand focuses on the international diaspora from the Indian subcontinent spread across the world. The brand has evolved its designs in a way where while they have retained the traditional core, they have made these designs more international and appropriate to the current settings of the clients. “This ‘East meets West’ is something that we have done very successfully and has played a key role in our success,” explains Pallavi. “For the days to come we want to work on increasing our presence in the U.S. alongside contributing to sustainable causes. I want to start doing my own prints which is something I am very passionate about. We want to create sub brands with different styles but that continue to reflect the values of the parent ‘Orhni’ brand. I am exploring the way to bring true OMNI channel experience for our clients, and I may decide to bring Little Orhni to Physical stores.”

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" Pallavi is obsessed with delivering quality and value to her customers; this translated into a top-quality product shipped to the end-user every time. "

Pallavi Chhibber

Little Orhni

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Dressing Precious Moments | Pallavi Chhibber
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Dressing Precious Moments | Pallavi Chhibber
Born in the vibrant city of Delhi, India, Pallavi Chhibber was in awe of the beautiful colors and cultures she was surrounded with....
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