Creating A Safer, Aware Environment | Caroline Markel Hammond

Creating A Safer Aware Environment | Caroline Markel Hammond

Caroline Markel Hammond

Founder and CEO of Safe In Harm’s Way

Today, over 58% of the population worldwide is facing relationship toxicity. If you live in a relationship that makes you sad, worried, dealing with lies, screaming, fear or pain. Please know these feelings are not normal. These feelings are your body, mind, and soul whispering, “You deserve better than this.” These feelings are the hallmark red flags in relationships, leading to unsafe conditions and a lifetime of problems for yourself, your children, and your pets. There are zero reasons to fix the person who brings these feelings into your world; despite their stories of needing you and only you. There are one million reasons to allow professionals to help, and you to move forward into the future. A beautiful future, without someone who only apologizes without change, offers promises which are never kept, and will never treat you the way you deserve. Listen. Pay attention. RUN!

The above is a piece of strong advice from Caroline Markel Hammond, Founder and CEO, Safe In Harm’s Way Foundation, Inc. 

At Safe In Harm’s Way Foundation, Inc. they are disrupting complacency, in communities and employers, for people navigating the sadness, worry, lies, fear, screaming and pain of domestic violence.

Finding the right information in a trauma-informed, survivor-centric way can be over-whelming and confusing, for people seeking information which can help them in their greatest time of need. Safe In Harm’s Way fills that gap, directing them to resources that matter, and collaborating with the greatest positive impact in a survivor’s life. Caroline has a fierce determination to create a platform that reflects diversity and inclusion equitably.

“When I escaped from domestic violence, I spent almost six weeks living in my car, and changing my clothes in hotel lobby restrooms, because they are the cleanest. I wanted to keep moving because I feared he would kill me, and anyone who was with me,” elucidates Caroline. After rebuilding herself and confidence in under four years, plus boldly owning what she does well and building an entire company, Caroline launched an awareness campaign in collaboration with three different entities. The campaign launched in Times Square and spread across the entire United States. “We created over one billion impressions and opportunities for people living in domestic violence to get help. This campaign,, is a first of its kind innovation which allows women, men, people of color, the LGBTQIA community, immigrants, and disabled people to find the specific solution to their most pressing relationship issue for themselves, their children and pets.”

Transforming Discussion on Toxic Relationships

Caroline and her team are transforming the way people discuss relationship toxicity, and the numerous opportunities to fuel healing and community. Because they are a worldwide platform, SIHW can partner across the globe to create collaboration, and lift the efforts of others into a bigger and brighter spotlight of awareness. Caroline chose to build the platform for tailor-made and branded employer solutions addressing profitability, retention, safety and recruiting for the $3.4 trillion-dollar economic problem of domestic violence in the workplace. Finally, the layer of holding perpetrators accountable is a significant part of the overall plan. This trifecta of business lines reflects the totality of Caroline’s thirty years of leadership, team building, sales, and training for Fortune 500 companies on billion-dollar brands.

“I always say I am Ron Markel’s daughter. My Dad was a connector, and as a little girl I watched in awe as he worked the room, making connections and facilitating growth opportunities for the people he met. Every day. I am cut of the same cloth,” says Caroline. “I want female business owners to connect in their personal zone of genius, pivot, and collaborate to increase growth and expansion. My personal success and the success of Safe In Harm’s Way has come about quickly and often because I always choose to collaborate, and honor those who do the work better than I can offer, plus complement our current range of services.”

She calls her team a Chorus of Voices. It is built on every facet of human representation being included, and a source of potential healing for survivors. “Currently, we are building out every aspect of our online services at to reflect the personal pursuits of each team member, and the entire life journey is welcome in our organization.”

Towards the Future

“This is my life passion and work. I know the day will come when my curly hair turns to dreadlocks, my red lipstick (always!) will outline my smile, and dancing on the beach surrounded by grandkids, dogs and cats will be a daily activity,” says Caroline. In the meantime, she personally has three additional books pending, a documentary, and worldwide travel planned to learn about work within employer relations and survivor services. Her companies are launching part of their platform to permanently house an initiative called Uninterrupted Stories. At the focus will highlight people who never get to make history, due to being killed by the partners who claimed to love them.

Each story is a work of art, focused on portrait and poetry creation, to reflect each person’s artistry on this earth. These stories will be told by the family who desperately miss them, and honor the services and inspiration which came at such a high cost. The Uninterrupted Stories book series will be published regularly; think of this as akin to a “Chicken Soup for the Soul” type of book. Also, people who donate to Safe In Harm’s Way will have the opportunity to donate to each highlighted family’s nonprofit entity, too. The SIHW donation platform is now an opportunity for each family of the murdered person to receive funds for the services they provide.

“The creative team behind our donation platform laughed when I  said I wanted to offer people an opportunity to donate to other non-profits directly from our own. However, I know it is substantially harder for people of color and in the LGBTQIA community to raise funds for their non-profits,” explains Caroline. “Safe In Harm’s Way is the great equilzer and this fits within our mission to collaborate, be equitable and inclusion-focused. Plus, exposing US-led efforts to the worldwide stage is vital for learning and collaboration.” Safe In Harm’s Way has strategic partnerships for 2022. They include online group and individual therapy options with Healing the Wound, founded by Nicole Bigelow. People can register for online group therapy by accessing this link:

The foundation is a partner with VictimsVoice.App, founded by Sheri Kurdakul. This resource collects evidence in court-admissible forms and gives a legal voice to victims. Clicking allows people navigating abuse to receive a free license from Safe In Harm’s Way. Next, they have their relationship with, founded by Rob Shavell. Clicking allows options to receive a personal safety concierge who continually monitors data breaches, and removes all personal information from the internet, lessening the chance of discovery by their abuser. Finally, our most recent partnership is with BOXT, a female-founded and run, venture-backed, luxury boxed wine company handcrafting its wines in Napa with operations based in Austin, led by Sarah Puil. Their manifesto of, “Giving permission to like what you like, and be able to talk about it with confidence,” fits seamlessly into our belief of stepping boldly into your worth, as the best step to success we honor at Safe In Harm’s Way. Using + code: SAFE40, gives new customers $40 off their first Membership BOXT, and 15% of Membership orders (new and recurring) will be donated to Safe In Harm’s Way. 

Everyone deserves a life free from toxicity and abuse. Join us! Take our hand and let’s go change the world.

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Caroline Markel Hammond Award

“We created over one billion impressions and opportunities for people living in domestic violence to get help. This campaign, is a first of its kind innovation.”

Caroline Markel Hammond

Founder and CEO of Safe In Harm’s Way

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Creating A Safer, Aware Environment | Caroline Markel Hammond
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Creating A Safer, Aware Environment | Caroline Markel Hammond
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