Changing Young Lives, Daily

Changing Young Lives, Daily | Elena Dwyre

Elena Dwyre


Society calls them “at-risk,” “delinquent,” or “troubled.” At Campagna Academy, they have always been called by name. Founded over 70 years ago as Hoosier Boys’ Town, Campagna Academy today restores the hopes and dreams of over 500 youths and families per year. Campagna is a 501c3, non-profit, social services agency licensed by the Indiana Department of Child Services and accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children, Inc (COA) and CARF International accredits their residential programs. Campagna Academy’s life-changing programs strengthen and reunite families, allowing young men and women to make positive life changes that lead to social responsibility and personal success.

Campagna Academy is a mission-centered, vision-inspired, “for-impact” organization that works to change the world one youth at a time. Their full continuum of care is designed to meet the individual’s needs, providing educational, therapeutic, psycho-educational, vocational, and independent living programs.

Campagna was awarded the Great Lake Award for best non-profit management because their standard programs include: Masters level clinicians, step-down residential living, outcome-based “level system” treatment model, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Innovative with a strong vision to continue to further their mission, Campagna Academy is constantly looking at gaps in services and trends, and best practices to treat children and youth with emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues.

Elena Dwyre, CEO of Campagna Academy, is an example of a truly transformational leader taking Campagna to new heights. She is the kind of leader that others want to follow, and she inspires others to take on any challenge and brings everybody together collectively to make a difference. She has the business and clinical background to lead the organization in all ways necessary to move the organization forward and is always mission-driven and  focused on improving the lives of at-risk youth. Like all great leaders, Elena empowers her staff and encourages them to grow by presenting them with the opportunities that will challenge them, and she will guide them along the way. New programs are always strategic and relevant to bring needed services to the community and to be able to meet the ever-changing needs of children and families.

“To inspire employees, leadership style needs to be flexible, and must adapt to meet the specific needs of the staff and organization at that given time. A true inspirational leader believes in empowering others to do their best and gives staff opportunities for them to lead, to believe in themselves and take on new challenges,” says Elena. Campagna’s leadership and staff embrace change and know to expect change under Elena’s leadership. Elena believes that the staff appreciates being given challenges, to be trusted with their abilities to lead, and the satisfaction of overcoming those challenges.

“Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of the children we serve. Restoring hope and building dreams is our mission. At Campagna Academy, our mission drives what we do and gives everyone the focus needed to continue to be the support to all children entrusted in our care,” adds Elena. “A positive difference is when we see children return home to their families, they are able to learn the skills necessary to deal with their trauma and learn of ways to manage their mental health needs in a way that it is empowering to them. Children in foster care return home, and others find their forever homes through adoption. There are many ways that staff at Campagna impact the lives of our children on a daily basis.”

Elena wants to highlight one recent client success story. We had a client that came to us that was a victim of sex trafficking since the early age of 12. “She came to our care with little hope and severe trauma that she needed to be able to learn how to manage. After being in our care and receiving treatment for her trauma, she soon volunteered to join various support groups on campus, and  started working in our campus cafeteria.” After working on campus, she was able to secure a job in the community. Before discharging from Campagna, she was accepted to a community college to study restaurant and hotel management.  She is currently living in an adoptive home attending community college and planning to graduate this coming May 2021,” explains Elena.

The biggest achievement of Campagna Academy is its staff. The dedication to the mission and passion for working with at-risk children is seen daily with everything that Campagna’s staff does for children in their care. Furthermore, Campagna’s leadership commitment to continue to adapt its services and programs to meet children and families’ needs shows a strong, clear vision for the organization’s future. For the days to come, Campagna plans to include new programs that will add to the existing continuum of care. “This is a very needed and a strategic move for us to be in a position to offer children and families the right services at the right time,” says Elena. “Residential treatment is designed to be intensive and short-term. After completing treatment, the child and family need ongoing treatment options and supports that are tailored to meet their individual needs until their final goals are met.”

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“ A true inspirational leader believes in empowering others to do their best and gives staff opportunities for them to lead, to believe in themselves and take on new challenges. ”

Elena Dwyre

CEO, Campagna Academy

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Changing Young Lives, Daily | Elena Dwyre
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Changing Young Lives, Daily | Elena Dwyre
Society calls them “at-risk,” “delinquent,” or “troubled.” At Campagna Academy, they have always been called by name.
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The Women Leaders
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