Beatriz Argimón Cedeira

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Beatriz Argimón Cedeira

Beatriz Argimón Cedeira

Designation: Vice President

Country: Uruguay

Age: 61

Beatriz Argimón Cedeira was born on August 14, 1961, in Montevideo, Uruguay, to civil servant Juan Carlos Argimón and homemaker Mara Esther Cedeira. She has a sister, Estela, and is the oldest child of a Catholic household. She attended Montevideo’s “Republic of Hait” Primary School and then the José Pedro Varela National School for high school.

She received her Notary Public diploma from the University of the Republic in 1989 and practiced for ten years. She also studied family and human rights. She began working as an administrator at the National Administration of State Sanitary Works throughout her studies, a position she accepted after winning a public tender.

During the dictatorship, Beatriz Argimón began her political engagement at the age of 17. She ran for Edila de Montevideo (member of the capital legislature) in the 1989 election, four months after graduating from college. She was the head of the National Institute of Minors under the government of Luis Alberto Lacalle.

Argimón established the group “Acción Comunitaria” alongside then-first lady Julia Pou and was elected National Representative for Montevideo in the 45th Legislature (2000-2005) in the 1999 election. She later joined the Wilsons Current and was re-elected for the 46th Legislature (2005-2010). She became the first woman to be re-elected in the National Party’s history.

Argimón declared herself an independent member of the PN in 2007. She cast her ballot in the 2009 primary contests, endorsing Jorge Larranaga for president. She backed Luis Lacalle Pou for president in the 2014 primaries, having served as one of his Senate alternates. She has been a member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s Executive Committee since November 2020. She is a proponent of women’s rights and one of the founding members of the General Assembly’s “Network of Political Women” and “Bicameral Female Caucus.”

She was a panelist on the Teledoce weekday program Esta Boca es ma from 2008 to 2011. In addition, she served as the president of the Josefa Oribe Study and Training Center from 2015 to 2017. She presently anchors a cable show called Disearte, which promotes things made in the United States.


She became the first woman to be elected President of the National Party on April 16, 2018, marking the party’s 182-year history. “We must respect the moments that each institution and each party have to make decisions of this nature,” she said after succeeding Luis Alberto Héber. She held the position until March 2020.


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Beatriz Argimón Cedeira
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Beatriz Argimón Cedeira
Beatriz Argimón Cedeira was born on August 14, 1961, in Montevideo, Uruguay, to civil servant Juan Carlos Argimón and homemaker Mara Esther Cedeira.
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The Women Leaders
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