A Bold Leader | Venu Dhupa

The Westway Trust is a 23-acre estate in trust for the benefit of the community. Venu Dhupa is the leader who has brought a different vision to running this dual enterprise. “Rather than thinking as a property company that deploys its resources for social goods, we are a social goods company that earns it’s income from property,” she explains.

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Strengthening International Relations | Dr. Mei Gechlik

Dr. Mei Gechlik founded Sinotalks LLC after an extensive career in academia and the think-tank world. She took this step because she saw the growing need for a trusted resource highlighting Chinese law and policy to help decision-makers find strategic solutions to problems affecting China and beyond.

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A Goal-oriented Leader | Maria DeLorenzis Reyes

Maria DeLorenzis Reyes has over 30 years of experience working in corporations and then starting and building her own business. The combination of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, coupled with business education in varied industries is one of her most significant qualities.

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A lifetime commitment to education | Madeline Burillo-Hopkins

It’s the start of a school day at HCC West Loop campus and Dr. Madeline Burillo-Hopkins is walking the halls, talking to students waiting for classes to begin. “How’s everything going?” she asks one student. She leans in and listens intently. Whether it’s a concern with financial aid, finding a ride to school or balancing family obligations and schoolwork, Burillo-Hopkins offers common sense advice rooted in her own experiences.

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Encouraging to Dream | Dr. Elizabeth Harrison

Dr. Elizabeth Harrison has a proven track-record in enterprise turnarounds, business development, public affairs and organizational empowerment, with a focus in the last two decades on the healthcare sector. Elizabeth assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer at MetaSystems Group Inc. (MGI) on April 1, 2018. MGI is the Boston-based subsidiary of MetaSystems Hard and Software GmbH, located near Heidelberg, Germany.

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Excelling with Grace | Dez Rock

Dez Rock’s greatest strength is always seeing the big picture. A startup requires a person who can always fight all fronts without losing perspective and making things personal; this is where she excels. Dez’s mind works at a faster pace than the average person’s; with her ability to see solutions and paths like puzzle pieces, she has managed to take a great idea to market and make it grow.

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Reading the Community’s Pulse | Corina J Shtir

InterOme is a digital healthcare provider that works on improving individual and clinical decisions by making complexity simple. Corina J Shtir co-founded InterOme with her husband, John Shtir, COO InterOme, who is also CEO of Dexwell, a software company that matches very well in its expertise elements needed for InterOme.

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Transforming Creativity for Everyone | Angeline Howell, LMHC

With her background in Mental Health and Family and Child Sciences, Angeline Howell has accelerated Great Explorations Children’s Museum into a place where all families can come to learn and play no matter their abilities or socioeconomic status.

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Enhancing Human Potential | Angela Cusack

Angela Cusack, Founder & CEO of Igniting Success®, is understated and patient. She moves quickly as she partners with executive leaders in shaping cultures that produce deeper connections, higher engagement, and overall well-being and prosperity for all involved. Angela is an impact player. Someone whom many refer to as their “organization’s secret weapon.”

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