Epsy Campbell Barr

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Epsy Campbell Barr

Epsy Campbell Barr

Designation: Vice President of Costa Rica

Country: Costa Rica

Age: 58

Epsy Alejandra Campbell Barr (July 4, 1963) is a Costa Rican politician and economist, who has served as the country’s First Vice-President since May 8, 2018. She is the first woman of color to serve as Vice President of Costa Rica and the second woman of color to serve as Vice President of the Americas after Viola Burnham.

Barr was born in San José in the year 1963. She went to Las Gravilias Primary School and Ricardo Jiménez Oreamuno School, where she graduated in 1975, and then to Liceo Franco Costarricense and Colegio Superior de Señoritas for her higher education. From 1976 until 1983, she was a member of the Youth Symphony Orchestra, where she studied flute and saxophone.

Barr began her undergraduate studies at the University of Costa Rica and then moved to the Limón Province regional college, where she studied and worked at the same time. She spent ten years in the Caribbean before returning to San José, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in economics from the Latin University of Costa Rica in 1998. In 2008, she received an MA in Development Cooperation from Spains’ Foundation for Cultural and Social Sciences. She is a researcher and activist for women’s and people of African descent’s rights, and she entered politics to pursue her ambition of becoming a social activist.

Barr has headed the Center for Women of African Descent, the Alliance of Leaders of African descent in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Black Parliament of the Americas. She has attended several international conferences and events, including the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, the Third World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa, and the World Conference on the Environment, Eco 92, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Barr opted to run for the PAC nomination after serving in the legislature for four years (2002–2006) and running for vice president in 2006. As a PAC candidate, she won a deputy position in San Jose, Costa Rica, in March 2014. She announced her interest in running in the PAC presidential primary for the 2018 presidential election; however, she dropped out on March 27, 2017.

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Epsy Campbell Barr
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Epsy Campbell Barr
Epsy Alejandra Campbell Barr is a Costa Rican politician and economist, who has served as the country’s First Vice-President since 2018
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The Women Leaders
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