Dima Moussa

Dima Moussa

Dima Moussa

Designation: Vice President

of the National  Coalition

Country: Syria

Age: 44

Dima Moussa is a Syrian lawyer, feminist, and politician who was appointed vice president of the Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces’ National Coalition in May 2018.

Moussa’s family is from Homs, and she was born in Aleppo. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a law degree from DePaul University.

Moussa was a member of the Syrian National Council from the founding. She was a spokesperson for the Homs Quarter Union activist group in 2014, speaking out about the city’s deaths due to starvation during the siege and highlighting that humanitarian assistance had not arrived since December 2012.

She joined the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces in October 2016 and is a founding member and member of the Syrian Women’s Political Movement’s General Secretariat, which was founded in October 2017. She was one of 34 signatories to a letter to US President Barack Obama in May 2016 asking the US to uphold the cease-fire and take action to protect people in Aleppo.

Moussa has worked with Conscience Convoy and was part of a delegation to the Ukrainian parliament in May 2018 to speak out against human rights violations against women in Syria. For International Women’s Day 2018, she called on women all over the world to hold sit-ins to draw attention to the suffering of Syrian women under the Assad regime, emphasizing the country’s persistent silence on women’s murder, detention, kidnapping, and rape.

Under President Abdurrahman Mustafa, Moussa became vice president of the Syrian National Coalition alongside Abdel Basset Hamo and Bader Jamous in May 2018. Moussa speaks English, Arabic, and Assyrian.

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Dima Moussa
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Dima Moussa
Dima Moussa is a Syrian lawyer, feminist, and politician who was appointed vice president of the Syrian Revolutionary
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